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ISSS Staff Bios

ISSS staff are available to assist you with a variety of issues. In many instances you will need to schedule an appointment to speak with your advisor as only quick matters can be handled on a walk-in basis. Whenever possible, you are encouraged to email your questions to your advisor or to schedule an appointment for a more detailed discussion.

If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment, you should call ISSS ahead of time to let the advisor know you cannot make it.

Staff Responsibility Email Address

Gudrun Kendon
Acting Director


Immigration specialist responsible for international faculty and researchers. Also serves as back up on student issues. This position is also responsible for University compliance with federal immigration regulations


Associate Director

This position is responsible for managing international student advising. This position serves as the students' primary contact for immigration advice relating to maintenance of status, enrollment, work permissions, extensions, etc.This position serves as back up on scholar issues





The ISSS staff does not work for the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services and are not agents of the U.S. government. They do, however administer the F and J federal visa programs and are responsible for University compliance with federal regulations governing those programs. They are not immigration attorneys and as such are prohibited from legally advising you on matters unrelated to the F or J program, your studies or employment related to your status.